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Which office furniture brands are most eco-friendly?

13th July 2022Blog PostSustainability

Businesses are seeking more ways to reduce their environmental impact, and sustainable furniture can play a big role in achieving this. Chairs, desks and storage in an office can amount to hundreds of kilograms of CO2 emissions, as well as accounting for a significant amount of landfill when being disposed of. Choosing eco-friendly furniture brands can significantly reduce a business’ carbon footprint as well as their overall environmental impact. So, what are the most environmentally friendly office furniture brands?

Herman Miller

Herman Miller is a furniture brand that believes in a sustainable model. Their facilities operate on 100% renewable energy to produce eco-friendly furniture from recycled materials. Their rePurpose program helps reduce the amount of unwanted assets going to landfills by reusing them. Research suggests that 100 offices using the rePurpose program reduces carbon emissions by 37.5 tons and prevents unwanted furniture from ending up in landfill. Herman Miller also maintains FSC certification and only uses renewable, certified and recycled wood.

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Vitra’s commitment to the environment means they create furniture that lasts as long as possible to avoid unnecessary waste. All of Vitra’s products have high-quality designs using superior manufacturing methods, and come with ten to thirty-year warranties. Their furniture is designed to be refurbished and remain in circulation for as long as possible. Vitra also has take-back programs to encourage proper recycling at the end of every item of furniture’s life.

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Orangebox creates sustainable furniture that benefits suppliers, customers, communities and the environment. They use sustainable resources from trusted suppliers and create furniture that is easily recycled and refurbished. They choose local supply chains wherever possible to reduce carbon emissions involved in transport, and uphold environmental standards across every part of their manufacturing.

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