Office Resale

Furniture buy-back service

We’ll buy your office furniture

We guarantee to buy back office furniture that you buy from Office Resale but that you no longer need. What’s more, we also offer competitive market prices for any redundant quality furniture items bought elsewhere.

Why sell to us?

Premium prices

We pay premium prices for branded or designer office furniture that you no longer require.

Environmentally sound

By recycling old office furniture, you’ll extend its lifespan, reduce waste and your carbon footprint.


We can collect from anywhere in the UK and will handle all dismantling and collection costs.

We will repair, reupholster and remanufacture your redundant furniture in our award winning Renew Centre to give your used office furniture a new lease of life.

Brands we regularly buy

Please note that we are only able to purchase quality furniture from known brands.

Need help choosing furniture? Questions about buying refurbished IT? We can help.

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