Office Resale

Workplace end of use services

Whether it’s office space or redundant assets, it’s hard to know what’s best to do with them when they are no longer needed – but look no further!

We can help you not only deal with your interiors, furniture, IT and other assets when they are no longer of use, but also get the most social, environmental and financial value out of them.

Building exit reuse audits

The process of emptying and leaving a building is always bound to identify assets your business no longer needs. We can use our extensive knowledge in reuse to audit your workspace prior to a move or closure to identify office assets and infrastructure items that could still have a financial or social value. By reusing redundant assets, you can help reduce the carbon and environmental impacts of your exit and support a more circular economy.

Dilapidations and reinstatement works

Does your lease require repairs or alterations before the property is returned to a landlord? We provide a sustainable approach to office dilapidations, helping to ensure that you are able to fully comply with all your obligations in the most financially and environmentally beneficial way.

Sustainable clearances

An office clearance doesn’t have to mean that everything unwanted is thrown into a skip. Our sustainable office clearance services help you meet not only business objectives, but also sustainability targets. Designed around the waste hierarchy, this range of sustainable services enables us to generate the best financial, environmental and social outcomes for you from your office and IT clear-outs.

Furniture buy-back service

We guarantee to buy back office furniture that you have bought from Office Resale that you no longer need. We will also give you competitive market prices for any redundant quality furniture items bought elsewhere.

End of use IT service

Let’s face it, redundant IT often ends up filling cupboard space but help is at hand. Our Renew IT service provides a sustainable and secure solution for redundant and end-of-life IT and AV equipment, enabling you to clear out those cupboards once and for all. Our security- cleared staff will securely wipe all data-bearing devices to the highest standards. Where viable, we can reconfigure, repair and test your retired IT assets to prepare them for reuse at our Renew IT Centre.

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