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Office Resale is one of the UK’s top retailers of used office furniture, IT and equipment. Whether it’s task chairs, desks, office storage, laptops, phones or printers you need, we offer our customers, both individuals and businesses, an affordable way to purchase high-quality items with stock from all the top brands.

Not only does this save you money but gives you access to leading brands at a fraction of the cost of buying new, helping those on a budget. And for those looking to minimise their environmental impact, buying our used office furniture, IT and equipment, rather than new, reduces waste as well as your carbon and water footprint.

All our products come extensively tested and with a 12-month warranty ensuring they really are as good as new. We can deliver and install your furniture and IT at your offices anywhere in the UK or alternatively items can be collected from our premises in North London.

Office Resale is part of Crown Workspace.

Renew Centre

All Office Resale’s used office furniture is of the highest standard and comes with a 12-month warranty. It is fully checked for wear and tear, and tested for functionality before being thoroughly cleaned and repaired. Items that don’t meet our high standards when they arrive are remanufactured and reupholstered. All this all happens in Crown Workspace’s award-winning remanufacturing facility, the Renew Centre.

The Renew Centre is the UK’s leading facility dedicated to remanufacturing, refurbishing and repairing desks, chairs and other office furniture. We employ a growing team with diverse skills and invest in state-of-the-art technology and machinery. This enables us to do everything from remodelling existing or producing new desk tops to reupholstering and respraying chairs.

Running on 100% renewable energy, this facility is at the heart of our sustainable office furniture services. As well as ensuring all the used office furniture we sell is in ‘as good as new’ condition, it enables us to help our clients make the most of their existing furniture – remanufacturing, refurbishing and remodelling to keep these in use as long as possible, even if their needs change.

We have remanufactured and refurbished over 80,000 items of furniture since 2015, saving over 4,900 tonnes CO2e and diverting over 1,900 tonnes of furniture into reuse.

The Renew Centre is a vibrant hub of activity where we also design and make office furniture – including bespoke items and a new range of low carbon furniture from waste and sustainable materials.

Giving Back Project

The Giving Back Project is Crown Workspace’s well-established initiative that supports local communities through the donation of clients’ unwanted furniture, IT and equipment.

The Giving Back Project helps us ensure that clients’ redundant resources, that continue to be of value but might not be suitable for sale on Office Resale, remain in use as long as possible and go to help those in need. These items are donated to organisations that support the most vulnerable in our society, help the disadvantaged to help themselves, improve the environment within which we live and support education projects in local schools.

We have enabled the donation of 28,000 items of furniture, IT and other equipment to around 200 schools, charities and social enterprises since 2011, saving over 1,000 tonnes of CO2e.

We operate an online portal of items that are available at no cost to our registered schools, charities and social enterprises. We also offer these partners discounts on Office Resale. If you are interested in becoming a charity partner and benefiting from this service, please complete our Giving Back Project registration form.

Please note that the Giving Back Project is a chargeable service as part of a sustainable clearance. We are unfortunately unable to provide our donation initiative for small amounts of furniture. In this instance, we would recommend you contact the Reuse Network of which we are a Friend of Reuse Network partner.

Renew IT Centre

All Office Resale’s used IT and equipment is of the highest standard and has been securely wiped, reconfigured, repaired and tested for functionality in preparation for reuse. All this all happens in Crown Workspace’s technology workshop, the Renew IT Centre.

The Renew IT Centre runs on 100% renewable energy and here, we employ a team of security-cleared staff whose extensive skills enable us to prolong the life of clients’ IT and equipment which would otherwise join the UK’s fastest growing waste stream.

Since 2018, we have reconditioned over 54,000 items in the Renew IT Centre, saving over 5,350 tonnes CO2e and diverting just under 480 tonnes of IT and equipment into reuse.

Where items of IT are not suitable for sale on Office Resale, we enable the responsible disposal. Where possible component parts are reused with remaining materials recycled. As well as minimising the environmental impact of these items at the end of their life, this ensures we meet clients’ legal requirements and address data security risks.

Crown Workspace

Office Resale is part of leading sustainable workplace services provider Crown Workspace who provide moves and changes, interior and furniture services, technology services, workplace consultancy and storage services to businesses and the public sector.

We have been providing sustainable workplace services for over a decade, with a focus on helping clients to get the most out of their workplace and assets including furniture, IT and other equipment. We achieve this through maximising opportunities for reuse internally, gaining back economic value through resale, donating to charities and schools to deliver social value, and recycling and recovering residual value at the true end of life. This enables us to provide financial, social and environmental benefits, helping our clients meet sustainability targets as well as business objectives when moving, changing or maintaining their workspace.

We believe that our responsibility extends beyond our clients, and as a responsible business our priorities are our climate and the environment, our people and business, and our partners and community. These pillars influence how we manage our business, and develop and deliver our services. We have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and responsible business strategy which includes a clear net zero carbon target and roadmap.

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