Office Resale

Maintaining workspaces sustainably

Maintaining a workplace in good condition is never easy.

We can help you keep your workplaces in optimum condition, improving them for employees and visitors, maximising efficiency of equipment and prolonging the life of your assets.

Refresh works

A refresh can be an ideal opportunity to introduce sustainability and wellbeing into the workplace, and make quick wins either whilst employees are out of the office or by phasing work around them. For example, we can decorate using solvent-free or recycled paints, reorganise floor tiles by replacing those in areas of high footfall with those under furniture, extend the life of ceiling tiles by only replacing where truly necessary and using sustainable alternatives.

Reactive and planned maintenance

Whether you are in urgent need of support or are planning some general upkeep, we provide comprehensive maintenance services. This includes retrofitting, should something go wrong, get damaged or worn, or if parts of the office just require refreshing. Planned maintenance can help the workplace operate more sustainably by keeping equipment and workspaces operating efficiently and in use longer.

Our award-winning Renew Centre is the leading remanufacturing facility in the UK.

Furniture audits, repair and refurbishment

Is your workplace harbouring wonky desks and tables, one-armed operator chairs, tired or damaged seat covers? We can carry out one-off or regular audits of your existing furniture and identify what needs to be repaired or refurbished to improve their condition and ensure these assets continue to be fit for purpose and represent your organisation’s values.

Furniture moves and installations

The modern workplace, more than ever, can be a constantly altering environment. Our team of highly experienced furniture fitters can support the ever-changing workplace whether that’s carrying out reconfigurations of workspaces, floor box adjustments or new system installations, or managing replacements and ordering repairs and components.

Mechanical and electrical works

When is electrical equipment next due to be tested? Our portable appliance testing can help you keep your workplace safe and meet legal requirements to regularly test your electrical equipment. Our fully trained engineers can carry out your tests annually or whenever you require and provide you with the documentary evidence needed.

Desktop equipment cleans

Desks, keyboards, mice and other equipment have always harboured their fair share of germs – and staff are even more exposed to this when hot desking or sharing equipment. Whether from Covid-19 or other viruses, or bacteria, our desk sanitising service can help minimise the spread of germs and risk of infection – as well as helping to keep your IT assets in peak condition.

Not sure where to start with your office refurbishment, redesign or fit out?

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