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Workplace design and fit out services

Where do you start with an office refurbishment, redesign or fit out – especially when it’s not something you do regularly?

We work with businesses large and small to help you achieve a sustainable workplace that maximises employee wellbeing. Whatever size or stage of a project, we can help make a real difference.

Project management

Designing and fitting out a new office or a refurbishment can be stressful but we can relieve you of the burden and manage your projects for you – from start to finish. We can work with you to understand your requirements and draw up plans to help you make the most of your office space. We will use our experience to ensure that sustainability and wellbeing are part of the project scope throughout, from design to disposal.

Space planning

There’s a reason why the saying ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ is widely quoted. Better planning can save you money, maximise employee productivity and reduce inefficiencies in the use of space. We not only look at your best and most cost-effective furniture options but how employees will move around and use the space, as well as how you can optimise their wellbeing in the workplace.


We design comfortable spaces that provide good psychological, acoustic, visual, thermal, ergonomic and air quality conditions.

Interior design

We understand that you want your workspace to work for your unique business and your employees. However big or small the space, we can work with you to provide a personalised solution that does just that – whilst focusing on sustainability and enhancing employee wellbeing. This might include improving energy efficiency, minimising waste, reutilising existing items and specifying new materials and furniture that are less harmful to the environment. Using 3D modelling, we enable you to visualise how it’s going to look in real life, helping to ensure the designs truly meet your requirements in practice.

Interior refurbishment and fit-out

We can provide fit-out services to meet our own interior designs or those of others. Whilst we can be more influential if we are involved in the design, we can still help you incorporate sustainability and wellbeing at fit out stage. For example, we can suggest sustainably sourced, lower carbon and nature-enhancing materials, and those from recycled content – this doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive alternatives! We can help ensure energy efficiency and introduce low energy solutions for example lighting with LEDs and introducing lighting sensors. We can also ensure systems are not over-specified and don’t waste energy.

Mechanical and electrical works

M&E works aren’t as exciting as interior design and fit out but there are financial and environmental benefits from undertaking these works. We can help you identify, assess and install the latest technology and low energy solutions, whether that’s in new buildings or retro-fitting existing buildings.

IT and cabling

We can also help you with IT and cabling, to ensure your workspace operates effectively. With specialist technology capability and our own security cleared technology team, we can install and test IT and telecommunications infrastructure, safely and securely, ensuring you comply with the highest standards and latest regulations.

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