Office Resale

Secure and Sustainable EOL IT services

Our range of specialist outsourced IT services have sustainability and security at their heart and can help you to deliver even the most complex of projects from start to finish.

We can provide a handpicked team of experienced and qualified specialists to complete the job quickly and efficiently, leaving you to focus on your core business.

IT audit and asset management services

Whether you are moving and changing or looking to optimise your investment, it’s vital to understand your full IT resource inventory. We can visit your site, in or out of office hours, and methodically record the details required, asset tag your workstations, and provide you with a full report. If you have assets that are temporarily not required, we can store these for you in our secure storage facilities that enable easy online tracking and access when these assets need to called back into action.

IT buy-back services

Did you know that you could make money from quality IT equipment that you no longer need? We offer competitive market rates to buy redundant IT equipment. We are always happy to review your assets to provide guidance on what can be reused but typically we are looking for equipment that is no more than five years old, is in good condition, and is from a reputable brand. Not only does this buy back service financially benefit your business but it helps others and is good for the planet.

When your IT equipment is no longer needed or no longer working, don’t let it clog up your cupboards.

Sustainable, secure IT clearance services

Designed to maximise financial, environmental and social value, our sustainable services are focused on keeping as much IT as possible of the UK’s fastest growing waste stream. We provide a full clearance service for IT and AV equipment at the end of their life – from audit to disposal. We securely data wipe all data bearing devices and, where viable, repair and reconfigure items to enable your redundant IT to have a second life through resale or donation. Where reuse is not possible, we responsibly dispose of these items, reusing component parts and recycling remaining materials.

IT moves and changes

Our staff are cleared to a high level of security and our vehicles have live tracking so whatever your project, your IT is in the safest of hands. We have extensive experience in every aspect of IT moves and changes, from desktop relocations to datacentre and server relocations. Whether you are moving your workspace or making changes to your IT systems, our security-cleared specialist technical team can help minimise your downtime and ensure a seamless transition.

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