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Furniture remanufacturing and refurbishment

If you have already invested in good quality office furniture, it of course makes both financial and environmental sense to make the most of these assets.

At Office Resale, we make it simple for you to do that by returning them to as good as new condition or remanufacturing them to meet new requirements. We provide a wide range of office furniture remanufacturing services from our award winning Renew Centre. We can help you refresh or reimagine your existing furniture, and resize or reconfigure your desks. If you are looking for something totally different, we have that covered too! Our bespoke office furniture services and renewed furniture range can provide you with sustainable and innovative solutions that make a positive and lasting impression in any home office or business environment.

Refresh, reimagine or reconfigure your existing furniture

Are you looking to match a particular business colour scheme? we can re-cover, repair and update an existing chair. We can even incorporate your corporate identity, sports team or car manufacturer’s colours and logo, with the help of a local embroidery partner.

Want to follow or buck the trend? Our team of upholsterers can customise your office chair to your unique specification, in the colour and fabric of your choice. Simply choose your type of chair from our extensive range of brands and styles, and then choose a fabric or design from our colour charts and samples.

Resize or reconfigure your desk

We can create a truly bespoke desk in the size, shape and colour of your choice. Your desktop can be made to order from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood or other more innovative sustainable materials. With our cutting-edge and precision technology, we can cut straight edged or curved, simple or intricate to any shape and size you desire. Desktops can be finished with edging in the colour of your choice. Even the framework of your desk can be sprayed in any colour to create the ultimate bespoke desk.

To help decision making, we can carry out a sample refurbishment or remanufacture of you existing furniture, providing you with a trial piece to show what can be achieved.

Bespoke office furniture services

Can’t find everything you are looking for? Sometimes, not all our clients’ needs can be met by existing stock. We offer a range of bespoke office furniture services from our Renew Centre where we can make bespoke items to match existing assets or other used items.

We can make everything from locker units to support agile working to recycling containers and bookshelves from scratch, using offcuts and other sustainable materials. We can also respray your existing storage cabinets and other furniture to make a statement or just to recondition them and get them back to top condition.

Your reception often gives your visitors the first impression of your business and there’s no better way to make a positive and lasting mark than bespoke reception furniture. We can design and manufacture soft seating, reception desks and coffee tables to maximise the space you have available and create a reception area that reflects the message you want to give your visitors.

Contact us to find out more about creating your own customised office furniture.

Renewed furniture range, reusing redundant materials and waste

We are always looking at ways to improve the sustainability of our products and to keep materials in use as long as possible. This has driven us to create a new and exclusive range of furniture from wastes and other sustainable materials from the office and beyond.

We make every effort to minimise the waste materials created in the remanufacturing, refurbishment and repair of office furniture. As part of this, we have begun to make furniture from production off-cuts and redundant desktops. We also use innovative materials made from waste to replace extracting more materials in the manufacturing process.

Designed and made in our award winning Renew Centre, our exciting new collection includes laptop tables and bookshelves. We plan to expand the range very shortly with the help of a furniture designer.

We welcome the change to collaborate with a sustainable design team to introduce sustainable materials into our production process for the lowest carbon biggest impact projects.

These products are not currently available on Office Resale but if these are of interest to you, please contact us.

Need help choosing furniture? Questions about buying refurbished IT? We can help.

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