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Sustainable office furniture for businesses

What is sustainable office furniture?

Sustainable office furniture is simply that which is managed with environmental, social and financial impacts considered at every stage. From buying, to using and maintaining, to what’s done with it when it’s no longer needed – many factors must be considered. Sustainable office furniture can be a game-changer for businesses when it comes to meeting their environmental targets, demonstrating their commitment to sustainability and, of course, reducing expenditure.

What are the benefits of refurbished office furniture?

  • Meet environmental targets
  • Demonstrate commitment to sustainability
  • Reduce expenditure

45% of our global emissions come from the embodied carbon in the products we use every day

Achieving net-zero

An important consideration for sustainable office furniture is how it impacts your organisation’s carbon footprint. This makes decarbonising the products your business buys and uses crucial to meeting net-zero targets – something which is often overlooked.

Choosing refurbished

The easiest way to buy low carbon office furniture is to embrace refurbished furniture. Buying furniture that has been used before enables your organisation to significantly reduce its share of the embodied carbon, by helping reduce the manufacture of new products.

Showing commitment

As well as keeping your business’ carbon footprint low, buying refurbished furniture helps to tangibly demonstrate a commitment to putting sustainability into action – both internally and to prospective customers.

The renew process

At Office Resale, we pride ourselves on delivering recycled office furniture to the highest standards. Our award-winning Renew Centre is the leading remanufacturing facility in the UK, meaning you won’t have to worry about any compromise on quality when buying refurbished over new.

Buy used

  • High quality, built to last


  • Sustainability to your specification


  • To retain performance


  • To meet your changing needs

Sell back

  • What you no longer need

Buying refurbished furniture is one of the most sustainable options – and offers significant opportunity for financial savings

What are the financial rewards of sustainable furniture?

Sustainable office furniture also enables businesses to reduce what they spend on furniture, and get better value for money. Buying refurbished furniture is one of the most sustainable options – and offers significant opportunity for financial savings, without any compromise on quality. Office Resale’s award-winning Renew Centre is solely dedicated to expert refurbishment of desks, chairs and other office furniture.

Investing in quality refurbished furniture enables businesses to bring in better furniture than they could afford new. For instance, Office Resale offers the top-of-the-range Herman Miller Aeron chair at less than half the cost of buying new. It’s easy to see how opting for refurbished furniture can be a far better use of budget – especially when you consider the health benefits for employees (such as lumbar support) that are only possible with higher-end well designed furniture.

Office furniture and the circular economy

Refurbished and reused office furniture is the ultimate sustainable solution for businesses. As we have seen already, it’s the lowest carbon option available but it also offers wider environmental benefits. Buying refurbished helps businesses become part of the circular economy.

  • Reduce water and land use

Water, land use and waste production are significantly reduced by remanufacturing and refurbishment.

  • Extend furniture life

Extending the life of furniture maximises the value of the resources used in production.

  • Sustainable finishes and fabrics

Buying refurbished furniture often makes it easier to opt for more sustainable finishes such as environmentally friendly fabrics and recycled content.

However, organisations shouldn’t neglect what happens to the products they use once they are no longer useful to them – and furniture is no different. This is a critical part of building a circular business model, and being seen as a truly sustainable company. By disposing of furniture before the end of its useful life, a business harms its own efforts to reach net-zero – even if it is sourcing new furniture in a sustainable way.

The good news is that if you’ve bought your office furniture wisely and opted for high quality, there is likely to be a resale value when you no longer want it. Whether you bought that quality furniture new or used, a used furniture seller will be ready to refurbish it again and keep it in use even longer – that means further environmental, social and economic benefits!

Our renew centre

At Office Resale, we pride ourselves on delivering recycled office furniture to the highest standards. Our award-winning Renew Centre is the leading remanufacturing facility in the UK, meaning you won’t have to worry about any compromise on quality when buying refurbished over new.

The process of refurbishment

01. Screen

Every item of furniture we source is first screened for wear, tear and functionality by technicians to identify any repairs which are required.

02. Repair

Our technicians then remove any damaged components to be fixed, or replaced from our range of manufacturer approved parts.

03. Clean & Respray

Every part of the item is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standard. Furniture may also undergo a respray depending on the needs of customers.

04. Reupholster

Our experienced upholsterers strip out and replace seat cushions and backs, giving the furniture new life with vibrant upholstery fabrics.

05. Quality Check

After reassembly, our technicians apply rigorous quality checks to ensure furniture is in full working order and looks as ‘good as new’ before sale. All furniture is also sold with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

What are the best pieces of refurbished office furniture?

At Office Resale, we offer high-quality, refurbished office furniture at a fraction of the price of new. We are one of the UK’s top used office furniture retailers, stocking a full range of quality products from desks and task chairs to storage and reception furniture from all the leading brands. Here are some of our most popular sustainable options:

Eco-friendly office chairs

Shop eco-friendly home office chairs from the biggest brands, including: Steelcase, Herman Miller and Humanscale.

Eco-friendly desks

We supply a range of eco-friendly desks, including standing desks to help you switch up your working position throughout the day.

Eco-friendly storage

From pedestals to larger cupboard space, browse our selection of home office storage.

Design and build a sustainable work space with Office Resale

Office Resale is one of the UK’s leading sellers of sustainable, refurbished office furniture. We help businesses across the UK refurbish their office space with high-end, modern furniture that doesn’t cost the earth and, crucially, has a low impact on the environment.

We stock furniture from all major brands, while we’re also one of only two Authorised Refurbishment Partners of market-leading Herman Miller in the UK. This makes us the number one choice for businesses looking to sustainably source the likes of Aeron, Mirra and Abak at a significantly lower cost than new.

And as the importance of sustainability has grown markedly for businesses, consumers and investors, so our role has grown too. We’ve been able to support many businesses in integrating corporate social responsibility into their everyday business. This isn’t just about the refurbished furniture we sell; we offer a range of other services to help businesses meet their environmental targets:

Remanufacture your existing furniture

We make your existing assets as good as new at our award-winning remanufacturing centre.

Leasing furniture

Offering a stylish range of refurbished office furniture as a service, we can minimise the environmental impact of your furniture choices, ensuring these assets stay in use as long as possible.

Buying your old furniture

If your business no longer has use for items of furniture, we will give you a competitive price to take them off your hands and prevent them ending up in the waste stream.

Interior refurbishment

Whatever your budget or constraints, we’ll help you revamp your workplace with a high standard of finish, guiding the sustainable choices along the way.

Office Resale are here to help you build a more sustainable workplace

Whether you’re looking to bring in a range of high-quality refurbished furniture for the whole office, or simply to replace or move on a few items, Office Resale can help.

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