Office Resale

Furniture as a service – meeting your short-term furniture needs

Is your organisation growing rapidly with changing furniture needs? Or are you facing uncertainty, particularly in these current economic conditions?

Under these circumstances it’s difficult to know how many staff you are catering for, how much furniture you need and whether you need it in the office, in employee homes or both. To help businesses navigate these challenges, we offer a range of quality refurbished office furniture on a flexible or short-term basis.

Only pay for what you need

Our short-term furniture solutions allow businesses to pay for additional furniture while they need it and not when they don’t. Excess furniture can be returned to us with no need to pay for storage or dispose of it.

Minimise your environmental impact

Typically, temporary needs are met by cheap low-quality furniture that quickly becomes waste. Our cost-effective solutions help you minimise the environmental impact of your short-term furniture choices whilst protecting you from unwanted furniture assets becoming liabilities.

Support employee wellbeing and productivity

Poor furniture often results in poor performance due to discomfort, bad posture or even injury. Our solutions give you access to high quality furniture that you might not normally have access to in the short term. This helps ensure employee wellbeing, productivity and performance don’t suffer.

If furniture as a service isn’t for you but you still want flexibility when buying your office furniture, Office Resale can help you have your cake and eat it!

We offer guaranteed buy-back if you purchase from us, taking back the high quality used office furniture when you no longer need it.

Not sure where to start with your office refurbishment, redesign or fit out?

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