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Our used Herman Miller furniture brings luxury comfort at an affordable cost.

Why Herman Miller?

The century-old brand Herman Miller is a byword for modern furniture of the highest quality. Their furniture is found in workspaces the world over – helping office workers focus in comfort. In all their ranges, from the famous Aeron office chair, to AbakEnvironments desks, ergonomic support is paramount.

Herman Miller products are built to stand the test of time, too. You can expect their chairs and desks to last at least a decade. This is a testament to the pride the brand takes in delivering quality across all their ranges.

Used Herman Miller chairs from Office Resale

With the revolution in home working, many people are looking to upgrade their home office setup. Full days of seated work call for high levels of support – whether you’re at home or in the office. The quality of chairs like the Mirra could mean an off-putting price tag, but this is where Office Resale comes in.

We source high-quality used furniture items, refurbish them to meet our high standards and offer them at well below the price of buying new. A used Herman Miller chair from Office Resale is a worthwhile and affordable investment for home workers and businesses alike.

Herman Miller Aeron chairs

One of our best-selling ranges, Herman Miller Aeron chairs are designed to handle all the movements you make while seated throughout the working day. When you buy an Aeron, you are guaranteed an innovative suspension system and simple adjustment controls.

Office Resale supplies a wide range of used Herman Miller Aeron chairs. Some are designed with lumbar support in mind, while the Posturefit and Remastered with Posturefit editions give the upright posture support needed for long hours sitting at your desk.

Herman Miller Embody chairs

The Herman Miller Embody is designed and made with “pixelated support”. This may sound complicated – but it’s all about distributing your weight evenly. A dynamic matrix of pixels means a Herman Miller Embody chair is fantastic for your circulation, helping keep energy and concentration levels high. Like the Aeron, it continuously adjusts to your body movements.

The Embody is one of the mid-priced Herman Miller ranges, with prices starting from £499.99 with Office Resale. A used Herman Miller Embody chair is perfect for anyone who feels a buildup of pressure while sitting for long periods of time – as it is built to give you a floating sensation as you work.

Herman Miller AbakEnvironments furniture

The Herman Miller AbakEnvironments desk range is the industry standard in sleek and elegant desking. The perfect accompaniment to one of the company’s chairs, we stock AbakEnvironments desks in all shapes, sizes and colours. Why not choose from:

Among many others!

Used Herman Miller furniture from Office Resale brings together comfort, support and affordability to make your next choice of chair or desk an easy one. And there’s so much more to explore than just the items on this page; why not shop the Celle, Setu or Cosm ranges? Whatever your requirements, they have a product for every type of worker.

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