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9th January 2019Blog Post

There are lots of things to consider when designing your office layout.  Here are a few office design layout tips to consider for your office and staff if you have been set this task. You can find plenty of used designer office furniture on our website.

Lighting & Colour

Try to have as much natural lighting in your office as you can.  The human eye is designed to adjust with natural light changes.  Natural light is better for your eyes and it improves productivity and keeps you focused.

Colour is also important.  Studies show that motivational colours can boost creativity.  The colour blue is said to be the most productive colour whilst the colour green provides balance.


Other than making your work place look more attractive, plants also help to reduce noise levels, clean the air and help reduce sickness and absence rates.  Aloe plants, cacti and peace lilies are a few plants that live happily in a work place.


Employees should be able to move freely around their workstations.  Office Resale can help with this with the size of desks you choose.

No matter what the size of your office is, we are able to help.  In our manufacturing warehouse we make desk tops to measure to help you fit in the most into the space you have.  Please click on this link to view a short video.  You can choose your desks to be cut from 1200mm wide to 1600mm wide and alter the depth from 800mm deep to 600mm deep.


Storage is a very important factor to consider for your office.  Not all metal storage systems are appealing to the eye.  If you have something in mind, we are able to make bespoke storage in colours that would suit your office branding.

Good Quality Furniture

‘You get what you pay for!’.  This is a saying you hear a lot and is of course true with certain things!  We all love a bargain, but sometimes it is worth investing slightly more to get the quality of items you think you should have.  Take a look at our products for quality used office furniture.  You can purchase top branded refurbished office furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying exactly the same new but with a higher price tag!  Our stock is constantly changing, please contact us if you can’t find what you are looking for.


2 Drawer Standard Pedestal With Seat Pad

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