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Eco-friendly home office furniture

With more people working from home than ever before, eco-friendly home office furniture is in high demand.

What is sustainable home office furniture?

The shift towards widespread home working in 2020 and 2021 has meant soaring demand for eco-friendly home office furniture. Over this time, the environmental impact of buying brand new furniture for our home offices has come under the spotlight.

Over this time, a spotlight has been shone on the environmental impact of buying brand new furniture for our home offices. Surveys show that we’re seeing this as a priority – with 85% of consumers having made a lifestyle change to be more sustainable in 2020 (with the pandemic accelerating this trend).

The biggest challenge for home workers is finding eco-friendly home office furniture that’s comfortable, high quality and stylish. At Office Resale, we’ve helped thousands of people find high-quality, sustainable home office furniture that doesn’t break the bank.

Home office furniture and the circular economy

With more of us now actively thinking about whether the furniture in our home offices is eco-friendly, the question is how can more of us make this a reality. The most sustainable solution is of course to make use of the furniture already in our homes, like converting dining or dressing tables as many of us did at the start of the pandemic. However, this type of furniture is not suitable for long periods spent working: it’s not ergonomic, or designed to support you and your body day-after-day.

What are the benefits of refurbished home office furniture?

  • High quality
  • Eco-friendly
  • Economic

72kg CO2

The average office chair represents 72 kilos of embodied CO2 to manufacture, so it’s easy to see how buying brand new office furniture every couple of years can be so detrimental to the planet.

Reducing cost

Office furniture manufacturers have studied our postures, biomechanics and comfort preferences for decades to keep you more comfortable. However, buying these products from new can be costly and produce more carbon than you would imagine.

Reducing waste

Buying recycled office furniture keeps old items in the circular economy – a model of consumption that extends the useful life of products as long as possible and reduces wastage through sharing, recycling and reusing where viable.

Reducing carbon emissions

Keeping home office furniture in the circular economy is so vital because it stops the cycle of constant production that is so harmful to the environment.

Buying refurbished or re-used is the most environmentally friendly way to kit-out your home office

What are the benefits of refurbished home office furniture?

Once you consider the possibility of buying refurbished over new, you’ll be able to shop for furniture with a range of features that wouldn’t have been possible before in your budget. These include enhanced lumbar support, innovative adjustment controls and more comfortable suspensions for a better working experience. There are many other benefits of buying recycled home office furniture, which include:.

Most environmentally friendly

Buying refurbished or re-used is the most environmentally friendly way to kit-out your home office. It eliminates the carbon footprint of manufacturing a new chair – and also uses parts from other items to keep even more furniture out of landfill.

More affordable brands

Refurbished office furniture is a great way to own high-quality, designer office furniture at a fraction of the price – for example, Office Resale stocks the market-leading Herman Miller Aeron chair at under half of what it would normally cost to buy new.

Match your bespoke requirements

Whether you’d like a specific colour to match your home décor, or with a specific type of custom finish, you have much more choice as your preferences can be factored into the refurbishment process.

No worry about defects or damage

The best recycled furniture retailers like Office Resale are committed to refurbishing products to ‘good-as-new’ standards. It’s why we’re one of only two Authorised Refurbishment Partners with Herman Miller in the UK.

What is the process behind recycling home office furniture?

The best refurbished furniture retailers put a huge amount of care and attention into ensuring recycled home office furniture is restored to its original condition.

This is how they do it:

1. Only sourcing high-quality furniture

Retailers like Office Resale only provide quality branded office furniture that it makes environmental sense to refurbish as their lifecycles can be extended, without impacting the user.

2. Screening for wear and tear

Once an item of furniture arrives, it needs to be thoroughly tested for damage against a rigorous set of standards. Not all refurbished furniture retailers have these standards in place, so it’s important to make sure you choose one that does before committing to a purchase.

3. Remanufacturing or refurbishing

Office furniture that isn’t yet suitable for resale can then be stripped back, re-sprayed and reupholstered to a .’good as new’ standard with the Office Resale warranty.

4. Giving the furniture a new home

The most important step is to ensure refurbished or remanufactured furniture finds a new home or office, thus keeping it in the circular economy and preventing the purchase of brand new items.

Our Renew Centre

At Office Resale, we pride ourselves on delivering recycled office furniture to the highest standards. Our award-winning Renew Centre is the leading remanufacturing facility in the UK, meaning you won’t have to worry about any compromise on quality when buying refurbished over new.

The process of refurbishment

01. Screen

Every item of furniture we source is first screened for wear, tear and functionality by technicians to identify any repairs which are required.

02. Repair

Our technicians then remove any damaged components to be fixed, or replaced from our range of manufacturer approved parts.

03. Clean & Respray

Every part of the item is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standard. Furniture may also undergo a respray depending on the needs of customers.

04. Reupholster

Our experienced upholsterers strip out and replace seat cushions and backs, giving the furniture new life with vibrant upholstery fabrics.

05. Quality Check

After reassembly, our technicians apply rigorous quality checks to ensure furniture is in full working order and looks as ‘good as new’ before sale. All furniture is also sold with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

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