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Refurbishing the office of a leading supplier in the fine art and antiques industry

20th February 2024Case StudySustainability

Our client is one of the UK’s leading shipping providers to the fine art and antiques industry, with a global network of professionals and technicians with expertise in fine art and antique installations and transportation.

The British Shop initiated an interior design project to refurbish their old-fashioned office into a completely new and fresh workspace that fosters employee well-being, space utilisation and a ‘’feels like home’’ atmosphere. Based in London (Langley, Berkshire, SL3 6AD), the office comprises approx. 230 m² extending on a single floor and includes 23 workstations. The client had a few challenges, including budget constraints, office expansion, spatial optimisation and multifunctionality, aesthetic preferences, acoustics, and the balance between privacy and openness.

They plan to split their office between two floors: the ground floor, which is to transform a climate room into a functional office, and the first floor, which represents the initial space. That will allow for a total space of roughly 317 m² intended to accommodate up to 33 employees and the necessary facilities.

Crown Workspace was invited to assist The British Shop in accomplishing a full office fit-out, from initial planning to final execution. The main services required for the project included:

  1. Project Preparation: Established the client requirements and project programme.
  2. Space Planning: Determined the optimal layout to match the allocation of space, functions within the office, and client’s needs.
  3. Interior Design: Selected colour schemes, materials and furniture and prepared 3D visualisations for the client’s review and approval.
  4. FF&E Procurement & Installation: Purchased office furniture from Crown Workspace Office Resale stock and other responsible suppliers that suit the design and functionality of the office.
  5. Lighting: Designed the lighting to maximise natural light and exchanged the old system with efficient lighting solutions (LEDs) for a well-lit environment.
  6. Electrical and IT Infrastructure: Installed data cabling, networking and other electrical requirements.
  7. Flooring and Walls: Replaced and redecorated the floor and the walls with appropriate products for commercial use.
  8. Acoustic Solutions: Reduced noise and optimised the acoustics of the workspace by designing a layout that allows for both privacy and openness and by installing acoustic and partition solutions.
  9. Kitchen Installation: Ensured plumbing services, maximised the space and replaced an old kitchen with a new one.

The client presented specific requests that entailed the conversion of a climate-controlled room originally designated for art storage into a fully equipped office designed for confidential departments. The personal workspace necessitated the incorporation of kitchen facilities and a boardroom for private meetings. To optimise cost-efficiency, one of the pre-existing kitchens was relocated to the newly prepared office, and the old partition glass was reused for the new meeting space.

Addressing the storage concern, we ensured the installation of an appropriate quantity of cabinets and storage solutions on-site. Bespoke planters were made by Crown Workspace and had a multipurpose use – as desk partitions, employee storage, and decorative plant pots, contributing to functionality and aesthetics.

The final project created an aesthetically pleasing, spacious, modern, and versatile workspace with a naturalistic and calming ambience. The design revolves around a biophilic colour palette, featuring green hues and earthy terracotta tones complemented by neutral colours, fostering a sense of freshness, tranquillity, and overall well-being.

Additionally, an accent on symmetry, meticulous organisation, bright carpeting, and a commitment to preserving natural light flow all contributed to creating a spacious, breathable atmosphere.

The previous office layout needed more space for multipurpose areas. In response, we developed zones that can be utilised for dining, relaxation, collaboration, and private meetings, highlighting increased productivity and interaction among employees. Moreover, we promoted a clean desk/office policy by offering ample document storage solutions.

By repurposing furniture from our Office Resale stock and salvaging components from the previous office, we introduced sustainability into the new office and effectively reduced project costs.

Client Testimonia

‘’I just wanted to say again, thank you for everything.  You, Felicitas and Steve have all been amazing and we are all very happy with our new offices.’’

– Email from Kim York (PA to Directors-The British Shop) to Brodie Peters (Project Manager)

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