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How much are refurbished laptops? Should you buy one?

9th January 2023Blog PostSustainability

Refurbished laptops are a fantastic option for buyers because of a range of practical benefits they hold over both new and second-hand machines:

  • Trustworthy
  • Environmentally conscious
  • Security of a warranty

But of course, the main reason why you’ll want to buy a refurbished laptop is the considerable cost savings. Relatively recent models in perfect working order often lose much of their value just for no longer being brand new.

This allows shoppers looking for a bargain to get hold of a laptop with much more impressive specifications for their money compared with buying new. However, you’ll want to make sure you find maximum value rather than just a cheap deal. This means knowing how much your money is worth in the world of refurbished laptops – read on to learn how much you should spend.

What affects the price of a refurbished laptop?

There is no magic number for how much you should spend on a refurbished laptop. The deal you get might be determined by a number of factors including the laptop’s age, any special offers or the retailer’s stock level. In general though, the price will mainly be influenced by two things:


These are the all-important details to look for in a refurbished laptop’s product information. Generally, newer laptops will have higher-grade specifications – but this isn’t always the case so it’s important to check carefully. This is especially true in cases where components have been replaced, and could indicate either a boost or a reduction in quality.

Specifications to look out for include the laptop’s processor (which determines its performance), battery life, storage and RAM (short-term memory). The perfect specifications won’t be the same for everybody, as we all use laptops for different purposes.

Offce Resale shopping tip: Pay the closest attention to the specs that matter most for your needs. This can be the key to a great deal – if your top priority is a long battery life, then look out for models that give you this. They may be cheaper if their processing power is slightly less, but this shouldn’t matter if you don’t need the most advanced processor.


While refurbished laptops must legally be in good working order, their condition won’t always be ‘like new’. There’s a spectrum of different conditions that refurbished laptops can be sold in. These mainly concern the appearance of the machine, but can also include whether or not the laptop has its full complement of accessories.

A handy grading system explains to potential buyers what condition a refurbished laptop is in. Grade A laptops will have a ‘close to new’ appearance and come with the original box and accessories. Grade B laptops may have minor visible cosmetic damage and replacement components. Grade C models might have more extensive cosmetic damage and lack the full range of standard accessories.

Office Resale shopping tip: Consider how important aesthetic condition is for your needs. Perhaps for business settings, only Grade A will suffice. But for light home use or a short-term option, making a compromise on condition could get you more quality under the hood for your money.

What can you get at each price point?

Price ranges for refurbished laptops are less rigid than for brand new models. There are simply more factors informing how much they are worth. However, here are the specifications we think you can expect to get at three broad price points. Laptops in the best condition will be closer the top ends of these ranges, while Grade C laptops will be near the bottom:

  • £100 – £250. Laptops in this range are perfect for light usage like web browsing and storing documents and photos. You should also be able to get a model from a major recognised brand at this price. The cheapest ‘brand new’ options are usually from lesser-known brands with less of a track record on reliability and for which it’s harder to find replacement parts. However, laptops with newer processors and more RAM will cost a little extra.
  • £250 – £450. This range should cater for most people’s needs. Whether you’ll be using your new laptop for 9-5 working, creative projects or light to medium-level gaming, you should be well-served.
  • £450+. A budget of over £450 should allow you to choose a really top-end model. PCs with more advanced processing power, RAM and graphics cards, as well as Apple’s MacBook range, will be found at this price point.

At Office Resale we source high-quality used laptops, hand them over to our team to refurbish to their exacting standards, then pass the savings onto our customers. We’re always on the lookout for models at all price points, meaning you’ll be able to find the perfect laptop to suit your usage needs at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Explore our high quality refurbished laptops at prices to suit everyone.


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