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Do you need a 4K monitor?

9th January 2023Blog PostSustainability

4K monitors are not new to the market by any means. But with the price of these previously extortionate screens coming down, as well as big advancements in supporting technology and better access to superfast broadband in recent years, they are quickly becoming a more attractive option.

Read on to learn what exactly it is we mean when we talk about 4K, the potential benefits of a 4K monitor, and whether you should really invest in one.

What is a 4K monitor?

In simple terms, a 4K monitor is an ultra high definition (UHD) screen with a resolution of around 4,000 pixels. With four times as many pixels as the previous generation of HD monitors – 1080p resolution – they certainly represent a big step up.

A crisper, sharper image means you’ll have more “real estate” for whatever you use your screen for. Essentially, 4K monitors open up the opportunity to display more applications at once, and to view videos, games and spreadsheets alike in a superior level of detail.

While 4K technology has been in existence for around a decade, it is only now that it has become affordable enough to be a realistic option for most people. Its successors – 5K and 8K – offer even better picture quality, but are still prohibitively expensive for standard usage.

What are the best uses for a 4K monitor?

The beauty of 4K monitors is that their higher resolution means they enhance the experience whatever you use your monitor for, provided your screen is big enough to take full advantage. Here are some of the things you might use a 4K monitor for:

  • Gaming.4K monitors come into their own when used for next-gen gaming. All gamers crave crisper graphics, richer colours and a more immersive experience – and this is exactly what 4K monitors give you. Modern consoles now support gaming in 4K, although PC gamers will need to fork out for top-of-the-range graphics cards to be able to do so.
  • Design.Any task that requires design work can benefit from using a 4K monitor. They can allow you to create and edit your work more easily and effectively thanks to the increased real estate. Be aware, though, that 4K content requires a high degree of processing power to create – so your computer will need to be up to the task.
  • General work.When working on spreadsheets, documents or emails, being able to fill your screen with more information without losing clarity is very important for your productivity and your eyes. With more of us now working from home, a 4K monitor could make your life a whole lot easier.
  • Video streaming.With more films and TV shows now filmed in UHD, and more households enjoying rapid internet connections, streaming content in 4K is now a realistic option. A 4K screen can bring you one step closer to the cinema experience.

Why 4K might not be right for you

The benefits of 4K monitors are clear – a better resolution provides a crisper image quality, more real estate and a more enjoyable experience. However, there are some scenarios where a 4K monitor won’t be the right option for your circumstances. Before going out and buying one, make sure you take these factors into account:

  • Price.4K screens have fallen in price significantly in the last few years, but they remain one of the more expensive options on the market. Ask yourself whether a 4K monitor would truy give you bang for your buck for what you’re planning to use it for. You may well find that buying two HD screens instead is better value for money.
  • Space.The superior resolution of a 4K monitor is ideal for filling your screen with more of what matters to you. But to notice a real difference from an HD monitor, your 4K model will have to be fairly large. Most ranges start at around 27 inches, and to get the full experience you’ll likely want to go even bigger. Make sure you have the room to accommodate such a size, especially if you’re planning to use your new screen for work.
  • Hardware.4K is powerful technology, so for all the advantages it can bring a 4K monitor won’t be much use if the hardware feeding it isn’t up to the right standard. This is especially true when it comes to gaming because of the calibre of graphics card required to play in 4K. What’s more, if you want to render content in 4K from a laptop, you’ll need to be sure the CPU is powerful enough. If you don’t want to shell out on the best hardware, you may have to put up with sub-4K resolution for some applications, somewhat devaluing the monitor itself.

If you’re worried that a 4K monitor might not be for you, it may be better to opt for a 1080p Full HD model instead. These are more affordable, still provide a high image quality for many tasks and may even serve your needs just as well or better than a 4K screen. You’ll be able to get even better value for money if you opt for a refurbished monitor – find out what to look for in our buyer’s guide.

Quality refurbished monitors from Office Resale

Whether you decide a 4K monitor is perfect for your needs or not, Office Resale have you covered when it comes to getting a great product at an impressively discounted price. All the monitors we stock are quality refurbished – meaning they are in full working order but available at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Every product on Office Resale is closely inspected and repaired if needed before it is listed, while we offer a 3-month warranty as standard for your peace of mind. A refurbished monitor from Office Resale gives you better value for money on the best brands.


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