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Are refurbished monitors worth it?

9th January 2023Blog PostSustainability

For those of us looking to buy a high-quality monitor at a more competitive price than new, it may be worth considering looking at the array of refurbished monitors on offer.

But while the price points will certainly be attractive, you might have concerns over whether a refurbished model really represents value for money. When it comes to condition and future lifespan especially, it can be difficult to know whether there is any risk in choosing the less expensive refurbished option.

Read on to find out what to look out for in a refurbished monitor, and why they are the best route to a great deal.

Things to consider before buying a refurbished monitor

There are a particular set of things you need to know about a refurbished monitor before you part with your cash. Whereas with a brand new screen, you can skip straight to deciding the exact specification you’re after, second hand models require a little more thought.

Make sure you’re getting a refurbished monitor, not a used monitor

This is the first thing to check before you buy – and it’s a more important distinction than you might think. Refurbished monitors have to be certified as such by their manufacturer or the retailer selling them. To pass as a refurbished model, a screen will have to pass a number of tests, be shown to be in full working order and in some cases will have had work carried out to improve it.

A used monitor, on the other hand, can be sold by anyone. You’ll be far less confident of its condition or any hidden faults, and will have little recourse if you end up with an inferior product. So before you buy a refurbished monitor online, take a little time to look out for that all-important ‘refurbished’ label.

Buy from a reputable retailer

This is arguably the most important thing you can do to ensure you get a truly good deal on a refurbished screen. Because of the considerable discounts available on refurbished monitors, it can be tempting to find the lowest price you possibly can. Do your research on a retailer before you buy – read through their refurbishment process and find customer reviews if you can.

When you buy a refurbished monitor from Office Resale, you’re in safe hands. All our equipment is examined rigorously by our specialist team of in-house IT engineers. All the tech we sell is comprehensively tested, reconfigured and repaired if needed before we put it up for sale. What’s more, our customers are protected by the Consumer Contracts Regulations – meaning you have full return and refund rights – and all our monitors come with a 3 month warranty as standard. You can learn more about what makes Office Resale a trusted retailer of quality IT equipment here.

Check the screen’s condition

Nobody wants to end up with a faulty monitor that breaks down soon after purchase. Thankfully, this won’t happen if you buy a certified refurbished model due to the checks and repairs it will have undergone. However, there is still a spectrum of conditions a refurbished monitor might arrive in. It’s important to know what condition a monitor is in before buying to be able to determine whether it’s value for money.

All trustworthy retailers will have a ‘grading’ system in place to help customers know what condition a for-sale monitor is in. Monitors will usually be graded A, B or C, with A being the best condition. The exact definition for each grade may differ by retailer, and IT Resale has a well-defined description for each:

  • Grade A.The monitor has passed a ‘burn test’ with no dead pixels or discolouration. The monitor may have extremely minor scratches or scuffs but the screen itself won’t have any cracks or scratches and will be in excellent condition.
  • Grade B.Similar to grade A, except the monitor may have more obvious signs of use (cosmetic damage like scuffs and scratching to its casing) and small marks on the screen.
  • Grade C.Scratches on the casing may be longer and more noticeable than grades A and B.

Brand is all important

It may seem counterintuitive that the bigger monitor brands provide the best value for money, but when you’re buying refurbished it makes perfect sense. They may not come at the lowest price, but they will still invariably have the best build quality, reliability and features. The chance to buy a higher-quality monitor at a significant discount will leave you with a better product in the long-term than opting for a ‘bargain basement’ option.

A refurbished monitor that’s true value for money with Office Resale

At Office Resale, we sell refurbished monitors from the biggest brands at a fraction of the cost of new. Our testing and repair process leaves no stone unturned meaning you can be sure of getting a high-quality product in full working order. Meanwhile, a 3 month warranty as standard will give you peace of mind after purchase.


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