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What to look for when buying used IT equipment

9th January 2023Blog PostSustainability

So you’ve made a decision to buy used IT equipment in order to get the best quality IT equipment you can, to save money and to reduce your impact on the environment.  Great choice!  But what do you look for when buying used IT to make sure you get the best quality products and value for money?

  • Stick to well-known IT brands
    Brands such as HP, Lenovo, Microsoft, IBM and Dell are well-known for a reason. These reputable brands produce good quality IT products made from good quality parts so you know what you are getting.
  • Understand the source of your used IT equipment
    Most used IT equipment on the market is likely to be ex-corporate, models that are purchased in bulk and replaced after a few years. Whilst you will never know whether your new laptop was previously used by Claire in Sales or John in Finance, it is worth asking your retailer where they source their IT equipment.  Understanding their policy and approach to sourcing used IT equipment can give you confidence in your choice of supplier.
  • Secure data wiping
    You would probably be surprised to boot up your new computer or plug in your new USB memory stick and find their previous owners’ holiday snaps or bank statements on there – but it does happen. Always ensure that you are buying used IT equipment from a supplier who wipes data storing devices to the highest security standards – those certified by the National Cyber Security Centre.
  • What else are you paying for?
    So you have checked and are confident that the used data storing devices you are buying have been securely data wiped to the highest standards but what else are you paying for? We would recommend you check that used IT equipment has been fully PA tested (electrical safety) and functionality tested.  Does the used computer you want to buy come with a key board and mouse?  It’s even worth checking it’s supplied with a power lead to avoid disappointment when you used IT equipment arrives!
  • Warranty and returns policy
    Check your supplier has a published warranty and returns policy that enables you to return your product if it’s not what you were expecting, is damaged or faulty. Consumer purchases online are governed by the Consumer Contracts Regulations so your supplier should adhere to these regulations.  Under this, you may return products bought online within 14 days for a full refund (although you will have to bear the cost of returning the product yourself).

Office Resale sells quality used IT, network, telecom, server and storage equipment from well-known and reputable brands.  We’re the used IT and electrical equipment retail channel of the leading workplace change service provider, Crown Workspace.  All equipment that we sell is fully tested and prepared for use.  All data bearing devices are securely data wiped to the highest standards by our security cleared staff using specialist software certified by National Cyber Security Centre and approved by Defence INFOSEC Security Centre.  Take a look at what IT equipment we have on offer today.


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