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What is second hand office furniture?

7th November 2023Blog PostSustainability

When we talk about Second-hand office furniture, we refer to furniture that has been previously used. To some people it is about value and its cost-effectiveness, while others consider it an eco-friendly way to minimise waste.

At Office Resale, we encourage people to view second-hand office furniture as quality used office furniture.

Consider this: producing an average office chair generates 72 kilos of embodied CO2.

For example, the carbon savings of the refurbishment and re-use of 100 office chairs would be enough to charge 850,000 smartphones! This highlights the environmental impact of buying brand-new furniture.

The advantages of opting for second-hand furniture over buying new are clear:

  1. Reduce costs – buying second-hand is generally much cheaper than buying new
  2. Waste reduction – keep items of furniture in circulation for longer
  3. Lower carbon emissions – buying refurbished or re-used is the most environmentally friendly way to furnish your home or office.

At Office Resale, there is no compromise on quality. Our products are refurbished to ‘as good as new’ standard, and as a Herman Miller authorised dealer, we only use genuine Herman Miller parts when refurbishing their products.

An interesting fact: investing in second-hand office furniture can make designer brands more accessible, meaning you can afford to  own designer pieces from brands such as Herman Miller, Boss Design, Vitra and many more.  Moreover, it contributes to the circular economy, where items are kept in circulation for an extended period.

Have we changed your view on the term second hand furniture?

Now you know that second hand furniture can actually be as good as new, and that by buying second-hand you are making less of an impact on the environment, shop now and discover affordable, designer, used office furniture now by exploring our selection today!


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