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Is there hidden value in your office assets?

17th October 2018Blog Post

When you are making changes to the workplace, replacing office furniture can push your budgets over the limit or require you to compromise on quality and fit.  But what if there was hidden value in your existing office assets which could help you reduce your furniture expenditure and make your budgets go further?

If you have invested in good quality furniture, you may be in a position to realise the value of those assets in ways you might not have considered.  It’s impossible to understand your options without a clear picture of the value of what you’ve got – you can either audit these in-house or employ an expert such as Premier to identify their potential.

  • Do you really need new furniture?
    Have you considered re-manufacturing, repairing and refurbishing your existing furniture?  At Premier’s Renew Centre, desks can be reconfigured, desktops can be replaced.  Chairs can be repaired, reupholstered and re-sprayed.  Even acoustic screens, notice boards and cabinets can be updated.  You could get a whole new look and feel for your office at a fraction of the cost of buying new furniture.
  • Can you supplement your stock?
    If you are expanding, it’s possible to supplement existing stock rather than replace everything. Office Resale has access to a wide range of brands and styles and we can advise you on how best to meet your requirements.
  • Make money from your unwanted furniture
    If re-manufacturing and refurbishment isn’t right for you, you can still realise the value of your existing quality furniture by selling it. At Office Resale, we are always looking for branded or designer furniture to repair, reupholster, re-manufacture and give a new lease of life.  We pay premium prices or offer part exchange, enabling you to obtain the maximum return.
  • Capitalise on specialist items
    If you have specialist items, we can arrange for these to go to auction to enable you to gain maximum benefit from these high value assets.
  • Donate to others and reduce your disposal costs
    If there’s no resale value for your unwanted furniture, there is still potential to reduce your costs, by donating these items rather than disposing of them. Your unwanted furniture and IT equipment could benefit charities, schools or social enterprises through Premier’s Giving Back Project.

So what are you waiting for? Make your budgets go further with Premier and Office Resale and get the workplace you really want.

Read more about how to realise the value of office assets as part of workplace change here.

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