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Take care of your body’s health and comfort with Humanscale furniture.

Why Humanscale office furniture?

Humanscale is the world-leading designer and manufacturer of office furniture specifically engineered for your health. Humanscale chairs, desking and monitor arms value simplicity at their core – helping you improve your working environment for comfort and long-lasting health.

Humanscale’s ‘Net Positive impact’ mantra seeks to ensure any changes you make add up to form a real difference to your comfort at work. Their approach is backed up by numerous awards in recent years praising the ergonomic effectiveness of their products.

Have you ever wondered why office work can leave you feeling drained and exhausted? Maybe you’ve even noticed aches and pains in your back, neck or arms. Well, there’s a good chance that it has to do with your office setup – especially your chair. This is a problem Humanscale is determined to solve.

Humanscale Freedom chairs

The Humanscale Freedom range is the company’s iconic flagship product. Once the world’s first self-adjusting chair to eschew manual levers, it is still as groundbreaking as ever. A Humanscale Freedom chair provides constant back support throughout the day, helping you stay in your most comfortable seated position.

Its pivoting backrest automatically fits the curve of your spine, meaning it adjusts to your body straight away. The same is true of the Freedom’s contoured cushions, which reduce pressure points to keep you ache-free. Used Humanscale Freedom chairs from Office Resale are available at a fraction of their RRP, in a selection of colours and with or without a headrest.

Humanscale Diffrient World chairs

If your preference is an all-mesh chair, look no further than the Humanscale Diffrient World. Bearing the name of its world-renowned designer Niels Diffrient, the chair is a triumph of minimalist design and unique comfort for every user. Its tri-panel back goes far beyond a simple singular mesh panel to allow a superior bespoke fit.

Like the Freedom, the Diffrient World task chair doesn’t need knobs and other manual mechanisms to adjust. Instead, it uses the sitter’s own weight to spread load and provide automatic lumbar support. Used Humanscale Diffrient World chairs are available from just £145.00 with Office Resale.

Humanscale Liberty office chair

Another mesh back option to consider is the Liberty task chair. A beneficiary of Humanscale’s unique Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, the Liberty gives an unbeatable level of control, dictated by the user’s body size, shape and weight. You can be sure of a completely natural sitting experience.

Like all of Office Resale’s range, Humanscale Liberty office chairs are available at well below their price direct from the manufacturer. This is because we buy used high-quality furniture stock, refurbish it to our exacting standards and pass the savings on to you.

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