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Furnishing the agile office

17th September 2019Blog Post

Agile working is believed to help attract and retain employees, increase productivity, reduce real estate costs and lead to more sustainable operations.  We look at what the term really means and how you go about furnishing the agile office…

So what is agile working?

Traditional ways of working see employees sat at the same desk in the office ‘9 till 5’.  This provides employees with routine and stability but is seen to stifle collaboration and innovation – the very cornerstones needed for businesses to survive and thrive in today’s fast paced environment.

Agile working provides flexibility, enabling employees to work when, how and where they choose in order to improve their performance.  That might include working from home or a café as well as from the office.  It makes the workplace work for all generations – from baby boomers to generation Z (those born from mid 1990s to early 2000s) – and is believed to reduce the need for office space by up to 30%.

It requires the right culture, the right people, the right technology and the right space – and a lot of trust – but it doesn’t mean removing all structure.  Agile working is about finding the right balance for your business and your employees.

Agile office furniture for different activity spaces

An agile workplace is designed around the activities of employees such as quiet spaces for telephone calls and creative spaces for brainstorming.  Creating an agile workplace requires a range of furniture for different activity spaces:

  • Space for process work
    Day to day activities require desk space but this doesn’t necessarily mean traditional desks. Bench desks enable hot desking and free up space in the office to be tailored to other activities.  Sit stand desks provide flexibility and are seen to be better for employee health and wellbeing.
  • Collaboration space
    Different types of collaboration call for different types of furniture. Formal meetings and presentations are likely to require traditional meeting rooms with boardroom tables and chairs.  Brainstorming and team meetings may be more productive in less formal, more creative environments – in armchairs, on sofas or canteen chairs with round tables.
  • Focus space
    Telephone calls and work that requires concentration call for private spaces without the noise and distractions of open plan offices. Booths and pods provide an ideal focus space and can be designed for single or multiple users.  High back sofas or chairs also provide privacy.
  • Relaxation spaces
    Everyone needs relaxation time whether that’s to eat and drink or take time out if overwhelmed or stressed. You don’t need huge amounts of space for a bar top and high stools to encourage employees to take lunch and refreshments away from their desks.  If you don’t have room for a relaxation room, then a few lounge chairs behind an acoustic screen could give employees the space they need to unwind and refresh.

Buy your agile office furniture

Office Resale can furnish your agile office with high quality used office furniture from top brands.  We stock a wide range of products for every type of activity space and can bespoke items to fit your office and meet your unique requirements.  Check out the refurbished and used furniture we have in stock or contact us for bespoke or other requirements.

If you are unsure of your agile office furniture requirements, please contact us, our furniture experts are very happy to help and provide advice on the right furniture and layout for your office.

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