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19th July 2017Blog Post

Customisable Design To Your Required Taste

Whatever you desire by having an office chair customised to your personal preference or you want to co-ordinate the colour design to your office space. We can help. We believe that a chair should be much than just a practical piece of furniture, it should be pleasing to the eye. Make sure that you’re seating suits your style and does not compromise on comfort.

Our re-upholsters can do many techniques for you, such as the sample pictures. We can colour customise the piping around the seating and the backing. As well as changing the colour on the seating pad and backing pad. We have a whole range of colours from dark tones to vibrant and textured fabrics from our large selection.

Our other techniques we can offer are stitching/embossing of the logo onto your chairs. This can be applied onto your desired fabric. This can be applied onto any part of the chair such as; the headrest, back piece or the seat pad.

Camira palette samples has a big range for you to checkout, you can do this by going on to Camira Samples.


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