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Breaking down the barriers to buying used office furniture

24th July 2018Blog Post

So you are keen to save money, make the most of your budget and reduce your impact on the environment by buying used furniture? But you aren’t quite convinced it’s the right choice for you? We look at some of the perceived barriers to choosing used office furniture over new.

I don’t want my office to look dated

Who says you can only get a fresh and stylish look from new office furniture? With top quality brands such as Steelcase, Orangebox, Charles & Ray Eames and Knoll available through our website and showroom, and an endless choice of styles, colours and finishes available at our re-manufacturing facility, you can achieve whatever look and feel you want with used office furniture.  

I want my furniture to last

We only sell quality brands and office furniture that was built to last. All our used office furniture is rigorously tested to ensure it withstands the wear and tear of an office environment. Each item also comes with at least a 12 month warranty giving you added peace of mind that we will repair or replace it if anything goes wrong in that period of time.

I’m buying in volume

Large re-sellers like ourselves stock items in the hundreds or more so we are more than equipped to furnish the larger office. What’s more, we are able to source the market to match your existing stock, helping you make more of your investment in your original furniture.

My staff won’t like it

We have met many Facilities and Office Managers wondering how their staff will respond to reused furniture. From the feedback we get, we can tell you that you are worrying unnecessarily! Time after time, surveys find that younger generations, in particular, take into account environmental and social benefits in their purchasing decisions. It’s only natural that these sustainability-savvy employees support such choices in the workplace.

So with those barriers broken down, what’s stopping you? Take a look at the wide range of quality used office furniture we have in stock or give us a call to discuss your requirements.

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