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Best way to setup a desk chair

20th June 2017Blog Post

Task chairs are designed for personal comfort. Making it the best use to adjust and get the perfect position whilst working at your desk. Here are some ways to adjust your seating:

Chair height: This is important as you should sit back into the chair with your bottom pushed back, whilst having your feet flat on the floor. Adjust the seat height by having your hips above your knees.

Seat adjustments: Most chairs have a slide feature to adjust the seat forward or backwards, do this this until you have three fingers with between your seat and the back of your knees. If your chair has a tilt feature, if so, tilt this to support your position.

Arm rests: You should adjust this under your elbows as this gives the shoulders a relaxed fixture. If the arm rests higher you will automatically hunching your shoulders and this will cause back stress.

Back Lumbar support: Adjust the height to your specific comfort as this is designed to support your lower back and help prevents having back problems and helps improve bad posture.

Back angle and dynamic tilt: This feature will have to be adjusted by preference for the use throughout the day. Let it move so that your back stays active throughout the day with the support tension adjusted evenly for your core can work.

Desk height: When your hands are on the keyboard they should be slightly below your elbows. Otherwise you will instinctively hunch your shoulders to pull them up. Alternatively you may want to purchase a desk that is height adjustable so you can raise/lower it to suit.

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