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Approved refurbishment partner for Herman Miller

Crown Workspace are an authorised refurbishment partner for Herman Miller furniture in the UK and Ireland.

Furniture remanufacturing and refurbishment

This industry-leading partnership puts us in the unique position to ensure that our Herman Miller products are refurbished to the highest standards, with genuine spare parts, guaranteeing the performance, safety and environmental standards of the Herman Miller furniture we sell.

We have independently been refurbishing and repairing Herman Miller furniture since 2011 and have earned a longstanding reputation in office furniture remanufacturing and refurbishment. Our award-winning Renew Centre is the UK’s leading facility dedicated to remanufacturing, refurbishing and repairing desks, chairs and other office furniture. Our unrivalled expertise and state-of-the-art facilities are helping to keep Herman Miller high-quality products in use for as long as possible and ensuring that Office Resale remains the best place to buy your used office furniture from top brands!

The benefits of buying refurbished Herman Miller furniture from us

There are many Herman Miller products in the second-hand market place, not all of these will have been refurbished to the highest of standards using genuine parts. This means that the performance, safety and environmental standards of such models are not guaranteed. Indeed, there are many cheap replica Herman Miller parts in the marketplace. Our clients can be confident that by purchasing refurbished Herman Miller furniture through Crown Workspace, they are buying furniture that has been professionally refurbished or remanufactured with genuine spare parts in accordance with the highest industry standards.

The authorised refurbishment partner logo

All our Herman Miller refurbished office furniture carries the Authorised Refurbishment Partner logo giving you confidence that the Herman Miller furniture available on our website is of the highest standards with genuine Herman Miller spare parts.

Are your refurbished Herman Miller products available anywhere else?

Our refurbished Herman Miller furniture is available through Office Resale, Crown Workspace and Herman Miller dealers. Look out for the Authorised Refurbishment Partner logo on the used Herman Miller furniture you buy!

Please note that we are not a dealer for new Herman Miller furniture – you can find out where to buy new Herman Miller furniture here.

Explore our high quality used furniture from top brands at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

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