Office Resale

Sustainable and secure IT clearance services

Moving office, updating your systems or just have cupboards of IT equipment that you’ve not got round to clearing out?

Our market-leading clearance service may be just the answer! On completion of every clearance project, we provide a full audit trail including certification for all data wiping, repairs, PAT testing and IT destruction as well as waste transfer notes and consignment notes.

Asset collection and auditing

If you have an existing asset list that’s great, we will work from that. If not, we can provide an on-site audit of your equipment for you. If collecting mixed unaudited items, we will provide a full breakdown when the items are returned to our facilities.

Secure IT destruction and disposal

Where reuse is not an option, we deliver a secure on-site or off-site shredding and destruction service with full certification. Where possible component parts are reused with remaining materials recycled. As well as minimising the environmental impact of these items at the end of their life, this ensures we meet clients’ legal requirements and address data security risks.

Secure data wiping to the highest standards

We understand that security is the biggest concern when it comes to clearing redundant IT. That’s why our staff are security cleared to the highest levels. The team will securely wipe all your data-bearing devices, using specialist, fully-licensed BLANCCO software. We guarantee absolute data eradication of all IT assets including servers, desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, tablets, SSDs and logical drives. We provide full certification, detailing the product type and serial number, to meet your compliance requirements ensuring complete peace of mind.

Where possible, we will reconfigure, repair and test your redundant assets for functionality in preparation for reuse.

Giving back Project

Items that might not have a resale value may still be suitable for donation through our long-standing initiative, the Giving Back Project. Items that are identified as suitable for donation are, as well as being data wiped, cleaned, refurbished and PAT tested before being made available free of charge to our registered charity partners.

Enabling IT reuse through sale and donation

Giving these items a second life maximises their financial, environmental and social value, benefiting not just you but many others.Quality items that retain a resale value can be sold through Office Resale. Should you wish, we can also facilitate employee buy-back programmes.

Whatever your IT requirements, we can help.
Explore our secure and sustainable IT services.

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