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Office Desk Buyers Guide: What size desk is right for your office?

11th February 2019Blog Post

If you search the internet for ‘office desks’ you are bombarded with hundreds of choices!  In this article, we review different types of desk and the typical office desk size to help you come to a decision and find an office desk design that suits you.

Sit stand desks for the health conscious

As a health-conscious nation, we are always trying to instil a feeling of well-being. Don’t eat this, eat more of this then jump up and down 20 times!  So, for the more health conscious folk, the current trend is the sit stand desk.  The inactive lifestyle most of us lead at work can be blamed for all sorts of health problems and standing throughout the day is said to help against these problems.

The typical sit stand desk size is a width of between 1600mm and 1800mm and a depth of 800mm.  The height of the desk varies to accommodate the sit stand position from around 750mm to 1200mm.

Bench desks for a versatile and cost effective fit out

Bench desks share components such as frame work and desk screens which is a cost-effective way to fit out your office.  They are versatile and can be grouped together for different teams.  There is no limit to how many desks you can bench together, all that will depend on is the space you have available.

You can choose the width and length of your bench desk.  The typical bench desk size is between 1200mm and 1800mm in width and 700mm and 800mm in depth.  The typical office desk height is between 700mm and 900mm.

Corner desks to make the most of challenging spaces

Corners of the office can be challenging spaces to fill with a straight desk.  Corner desks are one of the best ways to fill your lost space which will give you more room in the office.  With a corner desk you tend to have a larger worktop area and more place for storage.

Typical office desk sizes for corner desks are 1200mm-1800mm wide with are return of around 1200mm.

Resize your existing desks

Are your current desks too large?  Do you need to fit in more staff?  At Office Resale, we can work with the desks you have at present and re-manufacture these to meet your new requirements.  We can turn corner desks into straight desks, transform wave desks into straight desks and reduce the size of straight desks at our award winning re-manufacturing facility, the Renew Centre.  We can also manufacture new desktops and reconfigure your desk frameworks.  This is a great way of saving money and space, reducing your impact on the environment and fitting in more staff.

Watch a short video of how we can re-manufacture your existing desks.

Whatever office desk design you decide on should be what works best and is the most functional for your office design and layout.  If you are thinking about desks for your office and you’re not sure how many you can fit, please contact us and we will arrange for a member of our team to visit and help you with office desk layout planning.

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