Office Resale

IT moves and changes

When it comes to relocating or even just making changes within your existing workspace, dealing with IT systems can be the most complex aspects of those moves and changes.

Let us take care of it! We provide professional IT services to support clients moving or changing IT systems, servers or data centres. With a flexible 24/7 operation and a clear focus on minimising downtime, we will have you up and running again in no time.

Desktop relocations

Whether you need to relocate a few employees or move thousands in a phased migration, we are here to make the process easier. We have a proven track record of many successful IT relocation projects. We will work with your team to ensure a seamless transition and minimal downtime throughout the decommissioning, relocation and re-commissioning schedule. We know that post move support is critical to you and we ensure that your project is delivered successfully.

We can also provide the technical expertise needed to support churn projects including IT disconnection and reconnection, testing of systems and the set up required to meet staff needs or support flexible working arrangements.

Datacentre and server relocations

Keeping servers running is of course business critical but sometimes this equipment just has to be moved. Relocations of data centres and server rooms are complex and timing is of the essence. We have extensive experience in a variety of situations from client owned rooms to hosted datacentres from which our clients lease space. Our service is delivered with speed and efficiency whilst ensuring the safety and protection of your datacentre hardware and the security of your operations at all times.

Whatever your IT requirements, we can help. Explore our secure and sustainable IT services.

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