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IT buy back services

Got IT equipment you no longer need?

We make it simple for clients to sell IT equipment and get not only the best financial value but also environmental and social value out of these items.

Make money from your redundant IT!

We offer competitive market rates for IT equipment that is no longer needed. We are always happy to review your assets to provide guidance on what can be reused but typically we are looking for:

  • Laptops, desktops, workstations and monitors in working condition, with no broken screen or any other major fault
  • Items that are no more than five years’ old
  • Items from reputable brands such as Apple, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba and Acer

Simply contact us and tell us what you have – we will arrange collection and make the whole process as simple as possible for you.

We securely wipe all data bearing devices and provide you with a certificate of data eradications for each item, detailing the product type and serial number, meeting all your compliance requirements. We will then make prompt payment on completion of our service.

Selling your IT to us is not only good for your business but good for the planet – for every 15 laptops we recondition, approximately 1 tonne of CO2e is saved compared to buying new. That’s the equivalent of charging 120,000 smartphones!

What happens to our redundant IT

Your redundant IT equipment will go to our UK based technology workshop, the Renew IT Centre where it will be securely wiped (with BLANCCO software). Where possible, items will be reconfigured, repaired and tested for functionality in preparation for reuse. Where items are not suitable for reuse, we enable the responsible disposal, reusing component parts where possible and recycling remaining materials.

Whatever your IT requirements, we can help. Explore our secure and sustainable IT services.

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