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IT audit and asset management

We know how important it is to understand your full IT resource inventory – what you have, where it is and how it is being used – particularly if you are moving or making changes, or looking to optimise your investment.

With our audit and asset management services, we will visit your site, in or outside of office hours, and methodically record the details required.

All workstation assets can be tagged with a unique identifier as part of an asset register and we provide you with a full detailed report.

Information collated can include:

  • Nature of device
  • Make and model
  • Location
  • Screen size
  • Existing asset number
  • Components and software
  • Part numbers, IP and MAC addresses
  • Photographic records of equipment

We know that the pace of change in a busy working environment is rapid – we can visit as regularly as required to capture further changes and ensure your records are kept fully up to date.

What’s more, we can support your changing needs with our secure storage services. With extensive warehousing facilities across the UK, data entry services and a client-friendly web-based inventory management system, we can assist you to track and manage all your assets online.

Whatever your IT requirements, we can help. Explore our secure and sustainable IT services.

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