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Crown Workspace have been appointed ‘Authorised Refurbishment Partner’ for the Herman Miller brand in UK and Ireland.

This industry-leading partnership ensures that Herman Miller products from the UK and Ireland are refurbished to the highest standards using genuine parts, differentiating ourselves from competitors. It helps to keep Herman Miller high-quality products in use for as long as possible and enables Herman Miller dealers to provide their clients with a more sustainable way to buy furniture.

About the partnership

About the benefits

About the launch

About the partnership

Why is this partnership good for Crown Workspace?

We have invested over £1m in our Renew Centre, employ over 15 staff fulltime, and are dedicated to supporting the circular economy through our services in this area. By working with Herman Miller and their dealers, we can retain our market-leading position and have access to a wider client base for our sustainable workplace solutions.

We have been refurbishing and repairing Herman Miller furniture since 2011 but this partnership gives us ‘Authorised Refurbishment Partner’ status. It puts us in a unique position where we can secure the supply chain for parts, differentiate our refurbished products in the marketplace through our approved parts and processes, and expand and optimise our operations. We can ensure that Herman Miller products from the UK and Ireland are refurbished to the highest standards, guaranteeing the performance, safety and environmental standards of this furniture.

Why is this partnership good for Herman Miller?

Climate change is driving businesses and individuals to take steps to reduce their impact on the planet. As a result, many Herman Miller dealers are being asked to provide clients with a more sustainable way to buy furniture. This partnership supports them with market leading solutions that help them retain their clients and helps to futureproof their business. It also helps Herman Miller and their dealers play their part in addressing the climate emergency. We will be working with Herman Miller to continue their journey towards sustainability and a truly circular approach to their business.

Why were Crown Workspace chosen?

We were chosen for this industry-leading partnership due to our longstanding reputation in office furniture remanufacturing and refurbishment, our unrivalled expertise and our ability to complement existing Herman Miller dealer partnerships. We have been successfully delivering sustainable workplace services for over a decade and are fully aware of the challenges and rewards that a more sustainable approach to business brings. We also understand the issues clients face beyond the sustainability agenda. Herman Miller value that our sustainable workplace solutions don’t only provide the best financial, environmental and social outcomes for furniture, IT and equipment but also meet clients’ timescales, budgets and priorities.

What does this partnership mean to Herman Miller dealers?

Herman Miller dealers are increasingly being asked to support their clients with a more sustainable way to buy furniture, whether that means diverting existing furniture to charities or refurbishing existing items of Herman Miller furniture to complement an order of new. The partnership will enable us to offer Herman Miller dealers and their clients a range of sustainable services to help reduce the environmental and social impact of a change in their furniture requirements. It helps keep items in use for longer, ensures they are reused where viable, and that they are recycled responsibly when they truly reach their end-of-life.

This partnership also enables Herman Miller dealers play a part in addressing the climate emergency and helps futureproof their businesses.

Won’t it reduce the new furniture Herman Miller sell?

There will always be a demand for new furniture, it is very much a part of a sustainable furniture service. With businesses increasingly looking for more circular solutions, Herman Miller dealers can now offer clients sustainable refurbished items of furniture to compliment new items they require to meet their changing requirements. The partnership may also help dealers deepen relationships through ongoing furniture maintenance. It may also help them attract different clients that are attracted to this new, more sustainable furniture solution.

Are Crown Workspace acting as a Herman Miller dealer?

We are very clear that we are not dealers for Herman Miller office furniture. We will continue to trade furniture as part of our sustainable clearance offering and resell refurbished office furniture, including refurbished Herman Miller products via

As a leading workplace change service supplier supporting organisations relocating or refurbishing their workspace, we support clients who have a need to procure new furniture. This may mean our project managers procure furniture on behalf of a client ready to install as part of a move or change, or we introduce clients to furniture dealers who can support their requirements for new furniture. Crown will be well placed to introduce Herman Miller dealers to projects requiring new furniture and this will be done in liaison with Herman Miller team.

About the solution

What services are we providing to Herman Miller dealers?

We can provide competitive proposals for Herman Miller dealers so they can strengthen the sustainability of their client offering. The services we are offering include:

We can also support Herman Miller dealers and their clients with our wider services including move management, relocation services, office refurbishment, storage, IT relocation and end of life services.

What are the benefits for our and Herman Miller dealer clients?

Our clients and those of Herman Miller can be confident that by purchasing Herman Miller furniture refurbished by Crown Workspace – an ‘Authorised Refurbishment Partner’ – they are buying furniture that has been professionally refurbished or remanufactured with genuine spares and parts to the highest of industry standards. There are many Herman Miller products in the second-hand market place, not all of these will have been refurbished to the highest of standards and not all using genuine parts. This means that the performance, safety and environmental standards of such models are not guaranteed. Indeed, there are many cheap replica Herman Miller parts in the marketplace. Clients can be confident that by purchasing refurbished Herman Miller furniture through ourselves or Herman Miller dealers, they are buying furniture that has been professionally refurbished or remanufactured with genuine spares and parts in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Herman Miller dealer clients can now work with them, as their Herman Miller dealer, not only for all their new furniture requirements but also for their refurbishment or end of life requirements. Those clients will be saving money and reducing carbon emissions whilst supporting wider society.

Can we refurbish all Herman Miller products?

We have successfully been remanufacturing Herman Miller furniture for many years and have worked with the full range of products. We will also seek to carry out trials for any new products that we have not previously worked on.

About the launch

How do I find out more?

We will be arranging training sessions online with all those who need to understand the partnership in detail. If you have any questions in the meantime, please contact Neil Drewett (

When do we start delivering this service?

We will officially be launching the partnership in March with a joint press release and through our own communication channels. We will then be looking to hold one-to-one meetings with dealers to discuss the partnership with them.

What is the process for dealing with enquiries?

If Crown clients are interested in buying new furniture, we will liaise with Herman Miller to introduce our client to the most appropriate dealer.

If Herman Miller dealers’ clients are interested in buying, or obtaining prices for refurbished Herman Miller products, refurbishing existing products, or if they require additional support for other Crown services, Neil Drewett will be their first port of call. He will either deal with the enquiry directly or pass it to an appropriate colleague.

If you require more information, please contact Neil Drewett (

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